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Live Online Radio One of the world's 1st on demand radio stations first launched in 1998.

Live Online Web Radio was one of the very first on demand Web Radio Services on the World Wide Web back in the 1990's, designed and developed by yours sincerely (Alastair Agutter) as founder, with my Media Company Pineapple Blue, in Association with Real Networks, as a Program Partner and Producer. The memory of "Live Online Radio" lives on here with our friends in the music industry kindly broadcasting our Great Music. I have also written a book as a fellow musician titled "Cover to Cover," a book I wrote on my experiences, and what I remember about some of the great music that shaped our industry and culture through the decades. So please enjoy, love and best wishes Alastair :)

The History of Live Online Radio

Live Online Web Radio was one of the World's first ever on demand web radio stations ever created and developed by Alastair Agutter back in 1997 and released in 1998, with my company Pineapple Blue Media, and Real Networks, as a Program Partner and Producer. Pushing the boundaries of web technology to the limit in those early days, including experimentation with interactive television, and making one of the first ever rich media productions for on demand video and film, as a program partner with Microsoft in addition to Real Networks, known as Web TV, in conjunction with Phillips, the technology providers of the very early set top boxes.

The greatest enemy of the day, was not a Corporate competitor, but the technology regarding connectivity, by trying to operate in an impossible environment of 28 and 56k modems, the last mile of copper, the actual delivery of such services to the home user and subscriber, through telecommunications. Even ISDN was unable to deliver the speeds for such technology creations and offerings. As programmers and developers, they were by far a head of the curve, even as a Netscape Founding DevEdge Member creating customized browser suit bundles for the home and business users, some of the last offerings incorporated Netcaster, another interactive technology service. Almost like the story of the VHS Video Recorder, verses Betamax, the creations were there in their day, and sadly such technology freely used across the web today with broad band, could of been used 20 plus years ago, if the telecommunications infrastructure was in place.

In the very early days after the development of Live Online Web Radio released in 1998, and the emergence of other Radio Stations and services, shortly afterwards there started to be considered the legal aspects in law, surrounding intellectual property and copyright. With regards to one of the programs developed "Go Fishing Online" was not so much of a problem as this related to original content produced by ourselves. But to operate a music service was something entirely different. By now also as a Marketing and Communications Director for Satellite and Cable Europe, when contacting the licensing authorities on either side of the Atlantic, the truth was, no one had considered web radio broadcasting stations. And there was in fact nothing in place regarding licensing, and royalty awards payments to artists. Again, the technology of the day was being held back, and not as a result of reluctance, or co-operation, for the service was eager to comply, ticking all the legal boxes.

Live Online Web Radio with Real G2 Server technology wanted to deliver a music radio service, in addition to other programming, but held back until legislation was in place. However, one company had no intention of delaying, and proceeded regardless, this being "Napster" a radio and music service for users, who could download and play untold pieces of music free. The reality being, Napster was the first music pirate station platform on the web, similar to the early days of radio, regarding the "ta doo" with Radio Caroline.

Live Online Web Radio was one of the pioneers of on demand web radio. And today, Live Online is back with a "Spotify Free Play List," for all music lovers around the world who are into British Invasion Old Country, Blues, Rock and Roll. Featuring some of our really great singles, and some of our rare and really great album tracks!

Today, with our very own Pineapple Blue Independent Record Label, and unique recording techniques with "True Sound," so as to re-capture the original and genuine organic stereo recordings. Techniques and skills, so often and very sadly missed in these modern times of the digital age. And so you could say we have a lot on our plate, as we work through a back catalogue of music going as far back as the 1970's!

We will of course make frequent changes to the "Play List" as more releases take place. You will be able to keep up to date, by making frequent visits to our News and Updates web pages. And where you will also be able to discover more news for our Great Books, Fabulous Music, and Stupendous Digital eBooks, to accommodate the many different hi-tech devices today, in addition to our great records.

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