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"For a more knowing and informed world, we are becoming forever more complicit based on the evidence presented to us, regarding the demise of our Earth we all know as home." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation from "The Reality of Climate Change Book"

The Canvas of Life Album Finally Released - Out Now!

Many of my Great Readers and Music Lover Fans and Patrons would of known that I had planned to release "The Canvas of Life Album" last Autumn. Around August - September of 2019. But due to continued poor health problems, everything was getting put back. But I am still determined to get all my music released, going right back to the 1970's, for when I first started out as a young musician, and inspired by my peers; The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, and James Taylor etc.

The Canvas of Life Album consists of 12 tracks (songs), all originally written by yours sincerely through the decades going back to the 70's. I would describe the collection of music as; "British Invasion Old Country Rock and Blues." Folk say in life it's "never too late," but I am truly sorry the music was never released earlier through the decades. The album's runtime is 1 hour 20 minutes and the CD-ROM Edition has been produced by Amazon Music and Media. Visit Amazon to Buy Now!

Sending Lots of Love to You All!

I want to send my love to you all in these really challenging and uncertain times. I know also as a Parent, it doesn't matter how old your kids get, you never stop worrying about them. I am now knocking on 62 years of age this November, and so, as a Grand Parent again, I continue to worry every day for the Grand Children, all our Children in fact!

Over the years I have kept writing about how we are all connected, and continue to despair at the racism and ignorance in this world of ours still today, why? As a quick educational fact check for all the bigots and racists out there still. Our varied beauty and amazing colours, are as a result of our geographical location survival mechanisms based on climate conditions, nothing more, get over it!

Over these past months I have continued to battle with poor health since my Heart failure in April of 2017, but been determined to push on, trying to see opportunity through a period of adversity.

I spoke on the phone the other night to my Daughter, reminding her that the most important thing is love! Think about it, every entity and life form on this Earth and throughout the Cosmos has been created through love! And it is my "LOVE" that I am sending to you now! Keep Safe :) xxx

Cambridge Web5G Project

This year, I finally took the decision and made the move of transferring our web site(s) and business brands to our renowned friends and partners here at Google. And before the pandemic of Covid19, I had already made my mind up, and decided to make a move, as a result of our intelligence gathering, and knowing when looking ahead on the horizon, things didn't look too good! I also wanted to ensure I could provide the safest possible platform for all my beloved Readers, Music Lovers, and Patrons. So they could safely navigate, discover, and explore our Great Music, and Specialist Reference Books.

The best possible solution was to have a super efficient lightening fast service with Google, the world's most renowned and very best in Artificial Intelligence. So guests and patrons, can quickly and easily start their venture of exploration and discovery, searching out all our Great Books and Great Music. And with the very many great options available to patrons, in the way of linking our Great Books, Great Music, and Great Digital eBooks to all their favourite retail stores and outlets online.

This Cambridge Web5G Project of ours called "Project Octopus" is a considerable undertaking, in view of the large number of publication titles and releases we own as brands and products, for wholesale and consumer retail customers. And so the work being carried out, will continue for several months.

Here on the Google Platform, we can create and design successfully our latest Cambridge Web5G artificial intelligence Project, so as just one example, taking one book publication, or one music release. We are able to program, configure, and connect each product (book or music release) to over 30 plus stores, thus giving a massive choice and preference to our patrons, as to where they wish to purchase items safely from this specially created environment.

Dear Reader Patrons and Music Lovers

This is the 'New' ALASTAIR AGUTTER official Web5G site currently under design and construction, hosted by our world renowned friends here at Google. I apologize for the disruption to this service for our News, Projects, Books, and Music. But as we all know, there is never a good time to make changes. But I had to take these steps for all my Music Lovers, Readers safety and well being in these uncertain times. So to reach this new service of ours, here are the following URL and URI addresses. So you can either use; or

Lastly, as creator and founder of the brand Pineapple Blue, established in 1995, still serving the community today, as a Media Publishers, and also as an Independent Record Label. There will also be a 'New' PINEAPPLE BLUE official Web5G site, under design and construction, again hosted by our world renowned friends and partners Google.

In the meantime, please remember to drop by to; Google Play Books and Google Play Music for our digital eBook publications and our Digital Mp3 Stereo releases.

The URL and URI addresses for Pineapple Blue are; or

Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair Agutter. (@AlastairAgutter) Thank You!

Last Modified and Updated: 4th of November 2020

Pineapple Blue Creative Light - Dimensions - at World's End!

The reality of change is something I have been confronting for several years now, especially regarding all our Brothers and Sisters world-wide in our Global Community Family now totaling over 7 billion. Thoughts and actions including; Climate Change, Longevity Employment, Artificial Intelligence Technology, and Black Lives Matter the eradication of ignorance and racism!

Since 1994, when founding 'Pineapple Blue,' and finally going online in 1998, as one of the World's 1st Digital Electronic Media Design Houses, with the aid of British Telecom, I believed back then, as I do now, that there exists through technology massive career opportunities, whilst at the same time; being good Shepherds to 'Mother Earth,' preserving our truly beautiful and majestic planet that is a jewel in the Cosmos (out of the darkness came light). Read more...

More News, Fact Not Fiction!

At this time, American Democracy is under threat by Donald J. Trump and his cohorts. And the king and master of the swamp, has made the fiction of George Orwell's 1984 a reality! Such continued lies and attacks on institutions has ramifications world-wide, and also has an impact on human evolution.

The most precious element and catalyst for human evolution and advancement is truth! Without truth, the human race will continue down a path of self destruction. The ignorant thugs driven by greed and money, will be allowed to continue destroying the planet through pollution in the form of fossil fuels and other industrial practices that are to the detriment of all life on Earth!

Pineapple Blue as a brand and enterprise in the media and entertainments sector internationally, has a grave responsibility to speak truth, so our endeavours of creative light is not extinguished by the tyrants, bigots, and racists of our time spreading lies and deceit to our Brothers and Sisters of the world. The great tragedy for America at this time is; the new Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Government will most serve those folk who currently oppose them. The voting republicans dissolutioned with politics, are the very people who most need help. Their desperation of circumstance would never be instantly addressed by Trump. Far from it in fact, for the donations continuing to roll into the Trump Campaign Fund, when you read the small print, will end up in the back pocket of Trump and his Family. It is clear, most of these voters do not understand the American Political Landscape, and this is as a result of education and not following, or being informed with the truth. This is why most, if not all European States in a Pandemic, including Great Britain, are ensuring Schools remain open, so there is not a lost generation, that would serve to the detriment of these States in question, and the Human Story and Journey. In straight talking terms, so these poor Trump Republican Voters understand who have been conned by Trump; "Not a Nation of naive uneducated idiots in other words."

Our aim is to always deliver creative light, whether in book form, or through our great music. Common denominators being "truth and fact" with our messages in music, or in the contents of our carefully researched specialist reference books. We cannot be silent if human evolution and society is threatened, and so we will continue to write "Latest News Features and Updates" as a matter of course and necessity! And so we plan to continue delivering the latest news and updates for our great books and music, plus special reports, academic papers, and features at our "New" Pineapple Blue Platform. Thank You!

Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Cookies News

In the coming days, I will be updating and publishing our existing Cookies, Privacy, Terms and Conditions. And at the bottom of every page, at the foot, just below our terms and conditions. There will be a link to Google's Terms and Conditions, Privacy, and Cookies. This is to ensure full legal transparency and responsible corporate governance. So as to ensure our web site(s), and the Google Platform's "Terms of Use" is easily accessible to our guests, and patron users. Thank You!

Sincere Best Wishes,


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