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"For a more knowing and informed world, we are becoming forever more complicit based on the evidence presented to us, regarding the demise of our Earth we all know as home." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation from "The Reality of Climate Change Book"

NEWS: What's Happening Sharing My Mission!

Latest News Update: by Alastair Agutter (18th December 2022). Dear Folks, Firstly, I want to sincerely wish you all a safe and peaceful Christmas or Holiday dependent upon your faith and beliefs, all of which I might add I respect if they make a better human being through faith. The second thing I want to announce is; I think I may be finally over Long Covid to the point of where I am able to work more. Now, you Folk all being my Patrons or New Customer friends, I wanted to share this advice with you all, as I have never been wrong in over 30 years when it comes to the geographical landscape of the World Wide Web and Business Community, and things do not look too good. I have posted a message and update at the foot of the home about our "Pineapple Blue" changes and improvements taking place. And so in the New Year of 2023, plans are ah foot to give this old website an update. Best Wishes to All, Alastair Agutter Founder of Pineapple Blue.

Pineapple Blue Independent Records in "True Sound." In other words, live recording, using traditional methods of the past. And as testament of my great music and these methods. Please listen to "Brighton Beach," a track and single telling the story of The Beatles 60's and 70's era, and a banging song, equaling and surpassing the Sounds of the 60's and 70's. Please listen to Brighton Beach here on Spotify! Or Buy download and stream from Apple Music and Apple iTunes >>

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Cyber & Tech the Landscape ahead 2023!

Next year, Pineapple Blue celebrates 30 years, I founded in 1994. As one of the World's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses back then for the World Wide Web. And whilst being on this journey, I have seen many changes, ups and downs, in the world of Online, and Technology. Just last night, I was reminded that I was an honorary Member of the Silicon Valley Veterans Club, when I fell off my chair, as a result of a lack of sleep again. Back in the 1990's when custom building Netscape Browsers Suites, it was the norm to fall asleep in the chair after 3 to 4 days on the go non-stop. Well Folks, if I am honest, to which I always am, those days are back again I fear, if Folk in Business want to face down the storms ah head. Elon Musk's demands at Twitter, about working around the clock, may of sounded to many unreasonable, but that was the life in Cyber Space back then. It is clear to me, as I can see it, and Elon can see it, things are going to get tough, really tough in Business! Read more >>

Published: 3rd of January 2023

Record Sales on Vinyl, CD-Rom's as Folk Get Nostalgic says BBC!

Today, the BBC reported in the United Kingdom that it has seen a record increase in Music Sales for Vinyl's and CD-Rom's in 2020! The BBC said this record increase in sales for more than 30 years is as a result of Folk becoming nostalgic! This has been very welcomed and heartening news to my ears, as it affirms the direction I took with Pineapple Blue, with regards to the development of "True Sound" and being convinced some years back now, that Folk wanted to get back to more tangible and authentic products, real items they can hold, read, and keep!

Only the night before, even in the middle of this pandemic with Covid19, I found myself remembering to make a concerted effort in getting vinyl production moving as we release more great original music that I have written, performed, and recorded over the years going back to the 70's and 80's, hence the release of the "I Remember the Days Album" and "The Canvas of Life Album" with more albums planned on Mp3, CD-Rom, and Vinyl traditionally recorded in "True Sound" for that real authentic organic performance sound. Available on Apple Music and Apple iTunes Download and Stream >>

Published: 29th December 2020

The Canvas of Life Album Finally Released - Out Now!

Many of my Great Readers and Music Lover Fans and Patrons would of known that I had planned to release "The Canvas of Life Album" last Autumn. Around August - September of 2019. But due to continued poor health problems, everything was getting put back. But I am still determined to get all my music released, going right back to the 1970's, for when I first started out as a young musician, and inspired by my peers; The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, and James Taylor etc.

The Canvas of Life Album consists of 12 tracks (songs), all originally written by yours sincerely through the decades going back to the 70's. I would describe the collection of music as; "British Invasion Old Country Rock and Blues." Folk say in life it's "never too late," but I am truly sorry the music was never released earlier through the decades. The album's runtime is 1 hour 20 minutes and the CD-ROM Edition has been produced by Amazon Music and Media on CD-Rom visit Amazon to buy now! or discover more about the making of the album. Available on Apple iTunes and Apple Music Download and Stream >>

Published: 4th November 2020

Special Thanks to Readers and Music Lovers Over the Holidays!

Special thanks to all my Patron Readers and Music Lovers, who have over the Holidays acquired my books and music. I am always very humbled and grateful, especially over this holiday particularly, in view of the terribly and tragic year many Families have experienced. As a Parent and Grandparent, I share all your grave concerns. And so once again, I am very appreciative to you all for taking the time to visit the web site, and even purchasing items as seasonal gifts, or publications invaluable as reference guides, covering hobbies, interests and pastimes.

Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair

Published: 4th January 2021

Time to Love and Be Kind!

I think our greatest qualities and gift, is to be kind and love. I always take the time to speak to Folk, especially Seniors when I am at my local Supermarket. Sometimes, these few words and moments of kindness, are the only words and conversations our Seniors have during the course of a week, and very often lonely without contact for longer, regarding many of these wise and kind gentle souls.

Now, at the moment, with these Corona Virus times, it is especially hard for our Folk living on their own enduring these lock-downs, caused by the Corona Virus Pandemic. I know some Folk in their professions feel they have more important things to do, as they busily gather their shopping at the checkout areas. But I would remind us all, one day, we will all arrive at this place and age. And I like to think there will be someone there for all of us, at our local store, or supermarket, someone who is gracious, finding the time to say a few kind words to warm another's heart.

Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair

Published: 7th January 2021

Healthy Happy Tropical Fish!

When I decided to write "Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus Book," I knew it was a world's first! As the book was a dedicated publication on Fish Food Recipes. I was convinced it was the right thing to do, as fish food is very often an after thought when keeping tropical fish, but in reality one of the most critical topics in Ichthyology.

It shouldn't come as any surprise, but 90% of fish fatalities is caused through stress, resulting in disease and eventual death. Such stress and anxiety is caused from poor diets and water environments. This obviously makes sense if we consider ourselves, and think how long we would last if we eat the same food everyday! We like all life entities need certain food elements in the way of proteins and minerals, so we keep healthy.

This book I have specifically written, covers a plethora of high protein super food recipes for healthy happy fish. Fish foods you can easily make and freeze down, saving many dollars and pounds. The book is gathering momentum with Hobbyists and Aquarists, and a regular Best Seller on Amazon! To My Published Printed Books >>

Published: 7th of January 2021

The Most Informative Discus Book to Date!

It's not Marmite, but in truth "The Discus Book 2nd Edition" is not everyone's cup of tea, why? I try to make every effort in accommodating all my beloved Readers for Hobbies, Interests, and Pastime Books. Even making every effort on what my very young Readers want from a book when it comes to Early Learning. But regarding the writing of reference and educational books, it is never easy when covering a subject, or topic! For when you start to write a book after long-term research and development, where you want to record and share ones work in a book, it is not always possible, in fact impossible, when it comes to trying to meet everybody's tastes. Sometimes you have to go into great depth and detail on a subject area, and so it is not possible to skirt over a subject area. This then sadly exposes me as the author to criticism by some readers, "the books too detailed" or; "the book put me off on keeping Discus". On other occasions trying to meet the demands of readers, you can write a quick guide, and then get criticized for the book not being informative enough!

And so Folks, regarding The Discus Book 2nd Edition, it is the most informative ever written to date, and will help every Discus Keeper! The Book will be liked by some, and hated by others, and for that I apologize, I tried! My Published Printed Books >>

Published: 7th of January 2021

Back to School for New Book!

Having contracted Corona Virus on the 7th of April 2020 last year, and suffering from long-covid, in addition to my existing poor health, as a Heart Patient, frequently visiting my Local Heart Failure Clinic. To say I have been on a nightmare roller-coaster of poor health is an under-statement. Regrettably, one of the long-term symptoms and problems I have among many health problems, is memory loss and exhaustion! I cannot begin to tell you how miserable this long covid is, it literally drains you.

And so to help me get back up to speed work wise, so I can write "The Discus Book Third Edition" as I believe it is important regarding the Marine Sciences. I contacted Cambridge, to go back to School, so I can take some Science refreshers. In the hope, this will help to stimulate my memory, as I continue to recover from long-covid. Then alas, I hope I can write and complete "The Discus Book Third Edition". A publication in fact I have been now wanting to write for several years, as I think the time is right, with regards to covering in greater depth filtration environments, morphology, viruses, diseases, and microbial life forms. For if we are to protect endangered species, and be able to successfully breed in captivity, we need to understand the very many anomalies, and this has been especially highlighted to me with the Corona Viruses! To my Published Books >>

Written by Alastair R Agutter

Published: 8th of February 2022

Delighted to announce the release of our latest album recorded and produced on our Pineapple Blue Records "The White Dove Album" on Mp3 Digital Download and on CD Rom in the Pineapple Blue Shop, or from our friends at Apple Music and Apple iTunes >>

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