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"For a more knowing and informed world, we are becoming forever more complicit based on the evidence presented to us, regarding the demise of our Earth we all know as home." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation from "The Reality of Climate Change Book"

ABOUT BIOGRAPHY SUMMARY: Alastair R Agutter born in Farnborough, Kent, England, UK in 1958 is a proud Father of five Children, and an Amazon Best Selling Author of Specialist Books and Publications for Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes. His first book was Internationally published back in 1989, on the South American Marine Life species the symphysodon, commonly known as "Discus the King of the Aquarium," successfully breeding the wild species in captivity, and recording his notes and experiences in his first publication "The Discus Book" that continues to be a Best Seller today some 30 years later. Alastair continues today writing specialist books on Discus and other Marine Life as a World authority since first taking up the pastime and subject of ichthyology dating back to 1967.

Alastair Agutter's Professional career and background is Digital Electronic Media, Entertainment (Music) and Communications as a Computer Scientist, Programmer, Producer and Designer for over 35 years. Founder of Pineapple Blue Media, and Pineapple Blue Independent Records, also acknowledged by the Hudson Institute and the American Autobiographical Society back in the 1990's for contributions to humanity for advancing computer sciences.

Alastair is a Musician, Lyricist and Composer since learning to play the guitar at the age of 12 years of age back in 1970, and a musician of multiple instruments. Writer of original Classic Rock, Brit Pop, British Invasion Music since the 1970's, and continues professionally writing, producing, and releasing music today, in addition to his Best Selling Books.

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Creative Light and Insight

A very warm welcome to all my fellow readers and passionate music lovers world-wide, and a special thank you for passing by and taking an interest in my specialist books and music, here at my official website. And especially this year in 2020, as I celebrate 50 years of when I first become inspired and engaged as a bohemian with the arts, taking up the guitar, and learning to play, at the age of 12 years in 1970.

Personally speaking, and in the age of social media, as I try to provide some insight to my life as a designer, author, musician, songwriter and publisher, it seems today, that a major criteria online, is to reach out and be more personable.

And so without rambling, as my Daughter Ellenna constantly reminds me as a Millennial, telling me that Folk these days just want instant answers and results. I can say, that I have written and had published in my life time thus far over 60 specialist books, for reference and early learning.

Celebrating 50 Years in 2020

And also written, composed, arranged, performed, and recorded, over 200 tracks. Music I began to write in the early 1970's, up to the current day. Great music, up there with the very best for Country, Blues, and Classic Rock. Many of which, is now being recorded, released as albums, and singles, in true sound, using real traditional recording methods, and techniques developed by myself, on the Pineapple Blue Record Label.

I loved music, football, fishing, tropical fish keeping, gardening, and wild life as a youngster growing up in the sixties and seventies, a purple period in my eyes. This is my story and journey, how it all begun, and continuing my story to the current day as a Best Selling Author, and a Recording Artist Internationally on Apple iTunes today!

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Specialist Digital eBooks

In 2013, I was invited to convert my first ever book that I wrote on the majestic tropical fish species the symphysodon, known as the King of the Aquarium into digital. "The Discus Book" was originally printed and published in 1989, and was a best seller then. And now today, "The Discus Book" continues to be a Digital eBook Best Seller sold world-wide, even after 30 plus years.

Today, I continue to publish more Digital eBooks for Tropical Fish Keeping, Technology, Early Learning and Lifestyle. In reality, all my publications have real meaning and relevance to help Folk in their lives, they are informative specialist reference books for; Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes.

AI Meeting Tradition

All the Digital eBooks I have written and continue to write, are available today world-wide through all your favourite and major stores like; Amazon Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple iBooks and Apple iTunes etc.

My distributors and partners are also being invited to extend their network of retailers and major stores, and so as more Digital eBooks are written today, more services will be available, including retailer chains like Walmart, and with more public and commercial library services.

Please use the button below for all my Digital eBooks written and published to-date, and available through all your favourite stores.

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Music Albums and Singles

Music is understandably personal and very special to me, as it is to all of us in fact, and for good reason, as it is primal. The reality is; the entire Cosmos and all that we know, and that exists functions from harmonics, the vibration of atoms, and in fact the very first thing we hear, to know we are alive, is our own heart beat, hence why music is so powerful and special, as it is the sound and presence of God, life and creation itself.

My first meeting and rendezvous with music, was when I found my Father's 78 and 45 vinyl's in the mid 1960's, singles that included The Beatles. Playing these sounds on the family Gramophone for the very first time was a moving eureka moment.

I started writing music in the early 1970's, it was in 1970 that I took up playing the guitar and by 1973 in my first band Orion Express, writing songs like "The Mariner" and "Down On the Pier", inspired by Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and Bob Dylan.

Old Country Rock and Blues

Like Bob Dylan, and echoing his sentiments, and the words he once said to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, that being; "music had to be current and relevant," was a benchmark blue print standard I worked by, and also just as importantly, worked hard to create my own unique sound, even in the 70's when I acquired the nickname Aggie! A name that stuck with me since about the age of 11 years with family, life long school mates, and close friends in the music industry.

I know to some Folk the releasing of a lot of my original music only now, is of great frustration. But as many Folk know, the Music Industry has been a racket for decades, and I was not going to be ripped off financially, or lose any of my songs like so many friends and colleagues in the industry such as; Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Buddy Holly, Ginger Baker, George Harrison and others, many now sadly gone!

On Radio Across the Airwaves

Now today on the Pineapple Blue Label, I can work with the best in the industry for distribution and royalty collection and protection like Sony, Decca and EMI. Also have total control over recording and production, releasing great albums and singles of my original music today, and great songs going back through the decades to the 70's with albums like "I Remember the Days," and "Sounds Vinyl," all traditionally recorded using our True Sound, so strings bounce out at you, and you think the performance is in your living room!

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Specialist Printed Books

You know something, I love books, just like the old Vinyl record albums, when you can grab hold of them, and have something tangible in your hands. To look, marvel, and even smell the print as some Folk do. Precious items that are traditionally printed, books that are without doubt, magical books of secrets and knowledge, to enjoy for hours on end, to even become inspired by the words found in the text.

The books I write today, and have written over the years, even going back to my first book ever being published in 1989, I like to think are great "friends and companions" to my patron readers, as these traditionally printed books can become valuable oracles and points of reference.

I know that specialist, traditionally printed, reference books, are not sexy, or provide a good drama. Yet, in saying that, when it comes to my tropical fish books, it can be a drama when species contract diseases, and then you are in desperate need for answers, that's when I know my books become invaluable precious companions and friends!

Companions for Life's Journey

All the books I have written over the years are to sincerely serve as companions and friends as I say, to help contribute towards making Folks lives on their journey of life for Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes more enjoyable, with solutions to help and with ideas. The content and information in these books has derived from first hand experience and research over decades, with tried and tested practices.

Now as I plan to devote my entire time these days to steadily writing more books and finally recording my decades of music for patrons, and whilst at the same time being mindful of my health. You will note, that I have begun making changes to the website, so it becomes easier to maintain and manage, thus affording me more time to write and record!

Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair

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