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"The Arts, Hobbies, Interests, Crafts and Pastimes have served as a measurement of a civilized society over the ages.  And a mark of humanity by those who pursue  them." ~ Alastair R Agutter

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Alastair Agutter (@AlastairAgutter) Best Selling Author of over 60 Specialist Books, Computer Scientist, Creative Digital Designer, International Recording Artist, Aggie Musician and Songwriter for Country, Blues, Classic Rock and Roll since the 70's to the current day. Founder of our Pineapple Blue (, one of the world's first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses established in 1994. And today we continue to deliver creative light for the greater good, and investing in society, as we continue to advance the human story and journey together through creative design, great music and written works. Explore and Discover more about us

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Please discover, navigate, and explore my web site for the very many books and music I have written over the years, in the hope to stir ones soul and emotions through sound. Or the written word in book form, to help my fellow humanitarians with valuable information and points of reference. Content found within my publications for Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes. Serving as valuable companions and friends for all our Folk on their Life's Journey, and in doing so, discovering greater enlightenment, fueling our Souls, for the greater good. Peace and Love to All ~ Alastair R Agutter (my about page)

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Hi Guys, Please checkout our latest News and updates with regards to what's happening for more great music releases, and books, in traditional print, and also in digital formats for today's tech user of mobile, tablet, and reader devices, especially as we near the holidays, regarding great gift ideas.

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Please navigate and explore our great selection of specialist reference books covering topics like; Tropical Fish Keeping, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes in traditional print. Delivered world-wide by your favourite leading book stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

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Please checkout and listen to our Great original Music Singles and Albums recorded on our own Record Label Pineapple Blue and all produced in True Sound to hear how real music should sound. Our music of the 70's, 80's, 90's and today! On Digital Mp3, CD-ROM and Vinyl.

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Please visit our Great Digital eBooks for Early Learning, Tropical Fish, Hobbies, Interests, and pastimes. Instant downloads to read and enjoy from all your favourite major Book Stores world-wide like; Amazon Books, Google Play, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Playster, Barnes and Noble etc.

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I Just Love it, Real Drive Time Music!

Brighton Beach is a fantastic track, and great song I play every time I get in the car! A really uplifting track for that feel good factor. This great track "Brighton Beach" is available on the "I Remember the Days Album," or "The Canvas of Life Album." Brighton Beach is available to download and stream now also  from; Apple Music and Apple iTunes. Also available to buy on CD-ROM now, making a fantastic Gift for a loved one, member of the family, or friend, as a Christmas Present, a Seasonal Gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Friends, Family and Loved Ones! Visit Amazon Music to Buy Now!

The Discus Book 3rd Edition - Now is the Time!

The Discus Book Third Edition has been at the very top of my "To Do List" for a very long time. But in an era of instant gratification and silver bullets, I honesty felt such a book would not be enjoyed, or appreciated, for it's in-depth understanding of this highly evolved and intelligent majestic species. Also, considering the detailed Science, as to why such an environment is created for successfully keeping the King of the Aquarium. And finally getting back to the actual biology of our time honoured and noble traditional pastime of Tropical Fish Keeping as a Hobbyist - Out just before Christmas of 2021!

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The Canvas of Life Album - Out Now!

 Timing could not be better, as a revival continues to take place and evolve with current music lovers wanting to discover and hear great music from the past, especially the 1970's and 1980's. You will not be disappointed, when you hear this fantastic album produced in Pineapple Blue "True Sound." And so get ready for that special gig in your very own front room! Technically brilliant and loose, just how music use to be played, and traditionally recorded live in the English Countryside, and as the crow flies just a few miles outside of London. Played and performed for that true organic sound, where you hear the Bass and Strings working together, delivering a chorus of great sound that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and a drum beat that causes your neighbours windows to fall out! The Canvas of Life Album (Apple Music and iTunes) is Out Now! 

The World's Best Selling Book on Making Your Own Fish Food!

I must confess, I really did have a good feeling when writing this great book, and as a world's first!

Just think of it, a recipe book dedicated to tropical fish, showing "how to" make your very own "High Protein Super Foods" and saving tons of money. 

I started making fish food back in the 1980's, to get Discus in a healthy condition, so they would breed. This even included Wild species. 

I knew writing this book would be a great move to help other Aquarists. 

And with recipes in this book that is a real game changer for all tropical fish hobbyists and aquarists, so they too can have really happy, healthy, disease free tropical fish!

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